Herman Brodie

Advisor – Behavioral Finance

Herman Brodie is a specialist in behavioral economics, author, educator and founder of Prospecta, a UK-based consultancy firm that advises businesses on the use of behavioral sciences research. Many of the hurdles we, our clients, or our businesses, face are behavioral. So, over the past 20 years or so, he has helped to find solutions to challenges relating to complex decision making, client relationships, change management, team dynamics, ethics and trust, and has advised hundreds of firms in his primary domain, the financial services industry.

He is co-author of the 2018 book ‘The Trust Mandate’, as well as co-author of ‘A Practical History of Financial Markets’, an educational course created for professional investors. The course is an elective of the Edinburgh Business School’s MBA, and a Herman teaches the module on behavioral finance as a Masterclass at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He is a faculty member at the Portfolio Construction Forum, the continuing education and certification body for financial advisors, investment consultants, and wealth managers in Australia and New Zealand, and is a regular contributor to the Investment & Wealth institute in the US. Herman also sits on the advisory board of Ceannas, an international leadership development consultancy.

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