Who says your portfolio has to be exposed to the full brunt of market corrections?
Our proprietary technology and systematic approach seeks to identify market trends in an effort to position our clients defensively in down-markets while also participating in up-markets.

Market corrections are not as rare as you may think.

From 1928-2018 the market has experienced downturns of 30% or more nine times. This means that on average there has been a large correction once every ten years.

Source: Morningstar, Blue Square, S&P 500 ‍1/3/1928 – 12/31/2018
There is no guarantee that strategy objectives will be met.

— Jay Bluestine
Founder & Chief Investment Officer,
Blue Square Wealth

No one can control or predict market movements... never mind the next recession — but we aim to reduce the impact of these events.

We are constantly monitoring our proprietary indicators in an effort to ensure your portfolio is appropriately positioned considering current market conditions.

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Individuals & Families

We work with a broad range of clients from corporate executives, entrepreneurs and business owners to families and family offices.

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Our team serves the unique needs of endowments, non-profits and foundations.


We also serve institutional investors and consultants as well as support investment advisor needs.

Our Commitment to Clients


We hold ourselves to the highest standards always seeking our clients’ best interest.

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Blue Square is comprised of tenured and accomplished financial professionals. We believe our clients are best served through collaboration.

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We can work with you to understand your needs and create a customized solution that helps you reach your objectives.


Low Investment Expenses

Blue Square Portfolios dynamically invest in stocks and low-cost ETFs in an effort to keep expenses down, so you keep more of the return. 

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